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Aquarium Filter Media / Fluval / Fluval Bio Max Rings Filter Media 500g

Fluval Bio Max Rings Filter Media 500g

Item # FA44


Provides superior biological filtration (A1456)

Manufacturer: Hagen

  • Fluval Biomax bio rings have a complex pore system where benificial bacteria can thrive.
  • BioMax bio rings allow ideal water movement throughout the media,to ensure optimal contact time for efficient biological filtration.
  • Provides Superior Biological Filtration.
  • Optimal environment for benificial bacteria.
  • More capacity than most biological filter media.
  • Reduces and controls ammonia and nitrite.
  • For fresh and marine aquariums.
  • Premium select media for use in Fluval Canister Filters ,ideal for all filters.
  • Suitable for Fluval Canisters:103/104/105,203/204/205,303/304/305 and 403/404/405.


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