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Aquarium Filter Media / Fluval / Fluval Pre Filter Noodles Media 750g

Fluval Pre Filter Noodles Media 750g

Item # FA18



Manufacturer: Hagen

  • Fluval Pre-Filter is suitable for all Fluval Canisters and also ideal for other brands of canister filters.
  • Inert Mechanical Filtration.
  • Ideally suited to capture solids.
  • Prevents Filter Clogs.
  • Fluval Pre-Filter media provides the needed mechanical filtration required to remove larger size debris from aquarium water without clogging and interfering with the filters operation.
  • Fluval Pre-Filter media consist of chemical inert ceramic,suitable for both fresh and marine aquariums.
  • The hollows create eddies and channel the water,capturing large particles and allowing fine debris to be absorbed in the following filtration stages.
  • This promotes longer filter media life.


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