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Aquarium Air Pumps / High volume Air Pump / Hailea V-20 Aquarium Air Pump

Hailea V-20 Aquarium Air Pump

Item # XL33


Output 1200L/Hr (20 L/min)

Manufacturer: Hailea

  • Hailea Super Silent Power Airpump.
  • 1 x 8mm outlet (inside diameter).
  • Complete with 4 outlet plastic manifold/outlet divider including small length of connecting tubing (approx 100mm length).
  • Adopts high aluminium alloy to shape the case.
  • Double damping system and noice-absorbing function.
  • High performance and low in noise.
  • Double flow bars to produce large quantity of air and strong air pressure.
  • Non-oil lubricated design to provide pure compressed air.
  • Unique structure,quick in heat dissipation.
  • Complete waterproof structure,no water leak in.
  • In order to avoid the water flowing back,the pump must be put above the water level or install the checkvalve on the outlet pipe.
  • Adopt non-oil design,without adding any lubricant.
  • Voltage:220-240V.
  • frequency:50Hz.
  • Power:15Watt.
  • Output:20L/m.
  • Pressure: > 0.02MPa
  • 4 Outlets.
  • Weight 2.5 Kg.
  • Size: 212 x 192 x 170mm.


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