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Fish Food / Vacation & Holiday Food / Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Pyramid Feeder 7 Day

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Pyramid Feeder 7 Day

Item # APH135


Holiday fish food (UK-71A)

Manufacturer: Mars Fishcare

  • Automatically feeds your fish when you are on vacation.
  • For fresh and saltwater fish
  • Featuring a secret chamber containing spirulina algea which opens up midway through the feeding cycle.
  • One pyramid will feed 20 average size fish in a 40 litre aquarium for 7-8 days.
  • In the Aquarium,the 7-day Pyramid Fish Feeder will start dissolving,within a few hours.
  • The first nourishing food pellets will begin to swell and push out of the pyramid. On or about the fourth day,a secret chamber will open,releasing a spirulina algae cube.
  • Do not use in fish bowls or aquariums with out adequate filtration and aeration
  • Net weight:28 grams.
  • THE 7-DAY PYRAMID FISH FEEDER™ successfully supplies the dietary needs of aquarium fish when the hobbyist isn’t available to manually feed fish for approximately 7 days. Within a few hours of being placed in the aquarium, fish will sense food within the pyramid, and will begin to consume nourishing food pellets from the surface of THE 7-DAY PYRAMID FISH FEEDER™. These pellets contain a formulation of energy-rich foods, along with essential vitamins and minerals, which are continually provided during the feeding cycle of the pyramid. Fish feed at will; the more they eat, the more food pellets are exposed. Approximately mid-way in the pyramid’s 7-day feeding cycle, a centrally located chamber within the pyramid will be exposed, supplying a nutritious treat to add variety to the fish’s diet. Directions for Use: Simply place THE 7-DAY PYRAMID FISH FEEDER™ in the aquarium to begin the feeding cycle. One pyramid will normally feed the fish in an appropriately stocked 10 U.S. gallon (38 L) aquarium for 5 to 10 days. However, the dissolving time may increase in very hard water.
  • Made in the USA.


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