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A1 Aquarium Filter Rain Bar Kit

Item # 9602


Fish Tank Spray bar kit


  • Attaches to your powerhead or filter.
  • Tube diameter 16mm outer diameter (inner dia 13mm)
  • Approx 67cm total tubing length.
  • 7 pieces tubing plus end cap and 3 suction cups to mount the unit comprising of:
    - 2 x 143mm pieces with holes (including flange)
    - 1 x 134mm piece with holes
    - 1 x 107mm piece with flange (no holes)
    - 1 x 38mm piece with flange (1 holes)
    - 1 x 30mm end cap with flange
    - 2 x elbow pieces 54mm (longer section with flange), 41mm (shorter section)
  • Aerates water and increases oxygen in the water.
  • Increases water current, giving your aquarium a more natural and healthier environment.


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