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Information about Thermometers & Hydrometers

Aquarium Thermometers

Thermometers are used to monitor the correct aquarium water temperature. This is of great importance for maintaining the correct environment for your aquarium fish. Different types of fish prefer different water temperatures.

Thermometers are one of the least expensive items of aquarium equipment. Since most fish are extremely temperature sensitive, knowing your tank temperature is very important. See below for a table of some of the common kinds of fish and their approximate water temperatures.

Type Approx. Temp Range
Gold Fish Opens in an External Site 20 - 23C
Betta (siamese fighting fish) Opens in an External Site 24 - 29C
Tropical Fish 22 - 26C
Marine Fish 22 - 26C
Reef Tank Opens in an External Site 26 - 28C

There are different types of thermometers:

Aquarium Hydrometers

Hydrometers measure specific gravity and salinity in saltwater, marine and reef aquariums. Salinity is a measure of the concentration of dissolved salts in the tank water. More about Hydrometers... Opens in an External Site

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