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API Ammo-Lock 237mL

Item # APH140


Instantly detoxifies Ammonia

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • Ammo Lock protects fish.
  • Ammo-Lock instantly detoxifies ammonia from fish waste,tap water or un eaten fish food and removes chlorine and chloramines.
  • Ammo-Lock promotes healthy gill function and eliminates fish stress caused by ammonia.
  • Each dose of Ammo-Lock will detoxify 3.0 ppm of ammonia,7.0 ppm of chlorine and 5.0 ppm of chloramines.
  • Ammo-Lock does NOT remove ammonia,it simply converts it to a non-toxic form.
  • The detoxified ammonia will be removed by the biological filter.
  • Add 5 ml per 37 litres of aquarium water.
  • Continue to add Ammo-Lock every two days until ammonia is not detected.
  • If after 7 days,ammonia is still present perform a partial water change,service your biological filter and reduce feeding.
  • Instanly detoxifies Ammonia.
  • Removes Chlorine and Chloramines.
  • For fresh and Saltwater.
  • 5 ml treats 37 litres of aquarium water.
  • Made by aquarium Pharmaceuticals,inc.
  • Works instantly, in both fresh and saltwater, to detoxify ammonia and remove chlorine and chloramines. Locks up ammonia in a non-toxic form until it can be broken down by the tank's natural biological filter. Eliminates fish stress and promotes healthy gill function


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