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Skimz MONZTER External Hang On Protein Skimmer  SH2

Item # SH2


Suitable up to 200 litres


  • The Skimz Monzter SH2 Protein Skimmer is a hang on (HOB) single pump model for smaller aquariums up to 200 litres.
  • The Skimz Monzter SH2 is actually the Skimz Monzter SH1 with an extra unit for a bit more capacity making it an external skimmer.
  • Fitted with SAP1200 needlewheel pump
  • SH2 draws an air intake of 340 litres per hour.
  • Low energy consumption, coupled with high air intake, makes the SH2 an excellent nano model skimmer.
  • The SH2 should be provided with water from the aquarium from a separate feed pump.
  • Skimmer pump: SAP1200 needlewheel pump.
  • Power consumption: 7 Watts
  • Air intake: 60 l/h
  • Feed pump: 1500 l/h
  • L 150 x W 95 x H 420 mm
  • Feed inlet diameter (mm): 12/16mm Flexible hose.
  • Return outlet pipe diameter (mm): 22mm
  • Skimmer body diameter (mm): 160mm
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 200 litres capacity.
  • Designed to be installed hang on style (HOB).
  • Skimz Aquatics is completely dedicated to the study and development of the best equipment, with the aim of offering high quality products for your marine aquariums and reef at an affordable price.
  • This product is warranted against defective material and workmanship of the body for 2 years.

AU$229.00 (Was AU$299.95 you save AU$70.95)

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