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Fish Food / Cyclop-eeze Wafer (Flake) 30g

Cyclop-eeze Wafer (Flake) 30g

Item # CYC/W-30


Aquatic Nutrient Flake Food 100% Pure


  • Cyclop-eeze aquatic nutrient consists of a micro-crustacean which are selectively cultured I a pristine arctic lake. The Wafers (Flakes) are a thin mono-refractance, drying at room temperature thus preserving all of the nutritive components.  
  • Universal usage suitable for fresh and marine aquatic species.
  • Fish, invertebrates and corals will all thrive when used as a daily supplement.
  • Supreme colour enhancer providing lasting natural pigmentation. 
  • Excellent growth stimulant perfect for breeders.
  • Superior to live foods.
  • Manufactured in the US.

Benefits of Daily Supplemental Feeding

  • Vivid, enduring colouration will be experienced by all freshwater and marine fishes, invertebrates and corals. They will quickly exhibit colours surpassing natural habitat hues.
  • Abundant and potent attracts incite voraious feeding.
  • Highest of any known species in fatty acids to ensure health thru immune system stimulation.
  • Enhanced growth and reproduction is also evident.
  • A palette of digestive enzymes ensures bio-availability and absorption of the nutrient profile of Cyclop-eeze.
  • Contains 100 times more Astaxantene and 40 times more Omega 3 Fatty Acid than Artemia brine shrimp.
  • All this saves the hobbyist, breeder, culturist and aqua farmer valuable time and money.

Feeding Instructions

  • Freshwater Fish - Feed daily up to 20% of the total days ration.
  • Marine Fish - Feed daily up to 40% of the total days ration.
  • Invertebrates & Corals - Feed direct or target feed up to 25% of the usual diet.

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