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Fish Food / Hikari Shrimp Cuisine 10g

Hikari Shrimp Cuisine 10g

Item # KH19404


Nutritious food for freshwater shrimp


  • Sinking disc - The world's smallest manufactured disc!
    • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten
    • Helps eliminate over-feeding
    • Reduces water quality problems
    • More economical
    • Will not cloud the water

  • Expect natural, brilliant colours and rapid growth
    • Rich in natural color enhancers like spirulina and alfalfa meal
    • Reduces colour fading due to the inclusion of astaxanthin
    • Protein sources which promote rapid growth and proper form

  • Contains the minerals shrimp require
    • Promotes proper ecdysis (molting)
    • Contains copper which aids blood regeneration
    • Supports a healthy immune system


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