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API Freshwater Master Test Kit

Item # APH41


Over 800 Tests

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • Complete Master Test kit for testing tap and aquarium water.
  • Measures the most important levels in your aquarium.
  • Tests five different potentially dangerous water conditions.
  • Includes Tests:
  • Freshwater pH (6.0-7.6) - 37mL Bottle
  • High Range pH (7.4-8.8)- 37mL Bottle
  • Ammonia (NH3/NH4+) - 37mL Bottle x 2
  • Nitrite (NO2) - 37mL Bottle
  • Nitrate (NO3) - 30mL Bottle x 2
  • The Freshwater Master Test kit provides information on how to perform each test,what the results mean,and how to correct any unsafe water conditions that may be detected.
  • Kit features computer-analyzed water resistant laminated color cards,step by step instruction booklet, 4 test tubes with snap-tight caps in holders, a holding tray and test tube rack.
  • Test solution bottles for five different tests.
  • Over 800 tests.
  • Fast,Easy and Accurate.
  • Maintaining good water quality is the key to successful fish keeping.
  • This kit tests tap water and aquarium water for 5 key parameters that affect the health of freshwater fish: pH, High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Highly accurate and economical. Unique, clear dome packaging is waterproof, space-efficient and makes contents easy to see. 5 liquid tests include: pH(6.0 - 7.6) and (7.4 - 8.8), Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate Each test includes laminated, computer-calibrated colour cards. Liquid reagent bottles include child-resistant safety caps. Includes 4 glass test tubes with snap tight caps and easy to read instructions with information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.

AU$72.95 (Was AU$79.95 you save AU$7.00)

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