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API Marine Algaefix 473mL

Item # APH285


Aquarium Algaecide

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • Controls many types of algae in marine and reef aquariums.
  • Will not harm marine fish, corals or other invertebrates.
  • Treats 18144 litres (4800 US gallons) of salt water.
  • Active ingredient: Poly(oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride) 4.5%
  • Made in the USA.
  • Algaefix marine effectively controls these types of saltwater algae: Green algae (Cladophora), "Red Slime" (Oscillatoria / Sprirulina major), "Brown Algae" (Cyclotella) in marine aquariums containing live corals, invertebrates and fish.
  • When used in salt water will not harm snails, clams, scallops, shrimp, anemones, sea cucumbers, feather dusters, coralline algae, soft corals, hard corals and other invertebrates.
  • Does not discolour the water or cause foaming. 


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