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Aquarium Plants / Marina Vibrascaper Hygrophila Aquarium Plant Medium

Marina Vibrascaper Hygrophila Aquarium Plant Medium

Item # PP91


Artificial Plant - approx 16cm height (PP-843)


  • VIBRASCAPER provides true to nature settings that undulate with currents just like live plants.
  • The natural-looking translucent colors can not fade and are completely safe for all aquarium occupants.
  • Plant singly or in groups for lush aquascaping.
  • Press the base into the gravel and move back and forth until the base is firmly set in the gravel.
  • Smaller plants are ideal for foreground highlights.
  • If the plant becomes soiled,rinse it under warm tap water and wipe affected areas with your hands or a clean soft cloth.
  • Made in China.
  • Distributed by Hagen.


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