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Fish Food / Todays Bloodworms 10g

Todays Bloodworms 10g

Item # RT010


Freeze dried fish food (N-BW-10)


  • Premium fish food processed by new freeze-drying technigue to remove moisture and preserve the full fresh flavour and nutrition of the live Blood Worms.
  • This process preserves the excellent nutrional factors of live blood worms and also preserves their flavour just like real live worms without all the fuss and bother.
  • To enhance natural colour and use as a regular dietary food supplement.
  • For all tropical fish, gold fish, small fish, discus, cichlids and especially for Arowana and Discus.
  • With new pop top.
  • Today's unique food is 100% Blood Worms wild caught from rivers.
  • Feed two to three times daily and do not exceed the amount your fish will consume with five minutes.
  • Made in Taiwan.


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