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Red Sea C-Skim Protein Skimmer 1800 Deluxe

Item # RED99


Advanced protein skimmer suitable for 600 - 1800lt Capacity

Manufacturer:Red Sea

  • The smarter choice for the serious hobbyist Red Sea's C-Skim 1800 represents an integration of revolutionary features, performance characteristics of high demand commercial foam fractionators and the footprint and affordability of a modernly designed hobby protein skimmer. The C-Skim provides a new level of protein skimming in terms of efficiency, performances and user friendliness.
  • The C-Skim features include a Peripheral Flow Closed Loop Skim Chamber providing improved water/air flow dynamics, a unique integrated Neck Washing system which increases long term skimming performances and the FoamView enabling easy adjustment of the foam production.

C-Skim Features:

  • PSK Air Injector - 800 lph of air
  • Patent FoamView™ skim adjustment viewing window.
  • 17mm inlet for feed pump
  • High efficiency skim reactor chamber
  • External stand-alone or in-sump installation
  • Size: Height 54 cm (21¼ inch), Foot print 34 x 25 cm (13.4 x 10 inch) including aspiration pump
  • Inlet connection 17mm (5/8”) standard flexible hose
  • Outlet connection 90° elbow suitable for standard 40mm or 1½ rigid pipe

Long term pollutant reduction

  • Tests have shown that over time the C-Skim is extremely effective in lowering the level of oxygen consuming pollutants (COD/BOD) in aquarium water.

Integrated Skimmer Neck Washing system

  • Research has shown that allowing organic sludge to accumulate in the skimmer neck (which will occur if not cleaned regularly), will reduce the foam production by 30-40%. The patent pending integrated neck washing system developed specifically for the C-Skim diverts the water from the skim chamber to an annular spray ring around the top of the neck that sprays concentrated jets of water onto the inside of the neck, washing all of the accumulated sludge back into the reaction chamber. Returning the water flow back to the skim chamber flushes the sludge into the collection cup for easy disposal.


  • The patent pending FoamView window built into the front of the collection cup provides a clear view of the foaming action inside the skimmer neck and allows for easy and accurate adjustment to achieve the desired consistency of the foam. The integrated neck washing system will keep the FoamView window completely clear of organic sludge at all>

Ergonomic Design

  • The ergonomic, compact, rectangular design of the C-Skim with the complete user interface on one side of the unit makes the C-Skim ideal for use in sump or stand alone installation on any conventional filtration system without compromising on skimming efficiency or performance.
    User interface features includes: Water Inlet and Outlet, Foam regulator & FoamView window, Air control valve with silencer, Skim/Wash control, Aspiration pump, Waste drain port, 90º outlet adaptor suitable for standard 40mm or 1½” rigid>

Aquarium volume rating

  • The recommended aquarium volume ratings for the C-Skim have been calculated according to the optimum turnover rate per aquarium type, as determined by laboratory tests conducted by Red Sea
    - Max. water throughput 1800 lph (450 gph)
    - Max. air throughput 450 liters (120 gal) per hour

Stocking level & maximum effective tank volume

  • Fish only tank - 1800 liter / 450 gal
  • Soft corals (LPS) - 1200 liter / 300 gal
  • Hard corals (SPS) - 600 liter / 150 gal


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