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Aquarium & Fish Tank Filters / Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API RENA SmartFilter Aquarium Hang On Filter 55

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API RENA SmartFilter Aquarium Hang On Filter 55

Item # SMT13


Up to 220 Litre fish tanks

Manufacturer:Mars Fishcare

  • The RENA SmartFilter is revolutionizing the power filter category by bringing the superior filtration of a canister filter to the back of the aquarium
  • The RENA SmartFilter offers unparalleled functionality, including unique pressurized filtration so water flows through – not over – the filter cartridge
  • The 4-sided filter cartridge contains Bio Chem Zorb™, the most advanced filtration resin available, to deliver crystal clear water
  • The SmartFilter also features the most convenient cartridge replacement system, with a universal, one-size-fits-all cartridge
  • The revolutionary cartridge caddy is easy to access and features a drip-reduction cup
  • Plus, the RENA SmartFilter offers 3 levels of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological for maximum cleaning power, and it can combine with the RENA SmartHeater (sold separately) to offer an integrated filtration and heating unit for less aquarium clutter
  • A truly innovative design from RENA
  • Includes 3 x Bio-Chem Zorb media
  • 946 L/hr flow rate
  • Size: 41.5cm long x 16.5cm wide x 17cm high (excluding intake tube)
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Standard Approved Australian 240v plug

AU$79.95 (Was AU$124.95 you save AU$45.00)

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