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Pond Care / Pond Water Treatments and Test Kits / Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API PondCare Barley-Clear 1.89Litre

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API PondCare Barley-Clear 1.89Litre

Item # APH294


Peat and Barley Pond Cleaner

Manufacturer: Mars Fishcare

Barley Clear is a highly concentrated suspension of natural barley and peat plus natural activators that quickly unleash the power of barley and peat into the water. Phenolic compounds found in the Barley naturally clears the pond. Barley Clear is also helps maintain the natural carbon balance, which stabilizes water quality and maintains clear water.

  • Clears water naturally
  • Clears murky water
  • Contains natural clarifiers
  • Treats up to 60,560 Litres


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