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Aquarium Water Treatments / Plant / Nutrafin Plant Gro 120mL

Nutrafin Plant Gro 120mL

Item # FC86


Aquatic Plant Essential Micro-nutrients (A-7947)

Manufacturer: Hagen

  • Promotes vigorous growth and vibrant colours\
  • Micro-nutrient formula
  • Vitamin B for optimum plant condition
  • Safe for fish and other aquarium inhabitants
  • For freshwater use only
  • Iron-enriched treats 908 L
  • Nutrafin Plant Gro is a balanced micro-nutrient supplement essential for healthy, vibrant aquarium plants.  Tapwater is often devoid of necessary trace elements required by aquatic plants and plants rapidly deplete available micro-nutrients (except boron andmolybdenum) more readily available to aquarium plants while being completely safe for all fish and other aquarium inhabitants.


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