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Aquarium Air Stones & Valves / Air Stones / TopFin Aquarium Air Bubble Wall 18 inch

TopFin Aquarium Air Bubble Wall 18 inch

Item # PX36


Create a mist of beautiful bubbles in your aquarium! (45.7cm)


  • Additional Bubble Walls can be joined with the enclosed connector, and can be cut with a razor blade to divide or shorten
  • To complete assembly, replace end plug and air intake elbow
  • To remove algae accumulation clean with a soft bristle brush
  • In hard water areas, mineral deposits may clog any air stone.  The Bubble Wall however, is the only aeration product which can be easily regenerated.  Simply use a pin or needle to puncture with as many small holes as needed.  The tough, Polycyl material not only resists clogging, but will also stand up under repeated reconditioning
  • Product of China


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